5 Benefits of Using Pop Up Exhibition Stands

When you are designing an effective marketing strategy for your exhibition stand it is essential you consider all aspects of your marketing collateral. You need brochures and leaflets, business cards, and banners. Pop up banners are an ideal choice when you are exhibiting at a trade show or a conference. These pull up banners are economical and easy to use. They provide an impactful canvas to demonstrate your company’s message.

Here are some reasons why a pop up banner is a great addition to your exhibition display space.


  1. Simple to Set Up

Professional popup stands are designed to be easy to assemble so you don’t waste time at a show setting up and taking down the banner. The banner is usually made of plastic which is lightweight and sturdy, and the frame is constructed in a way that allows the banner to hook into it, and then it folds down. You get a sturdy support for your banner stand.


  1. Easy to Store

Most roll up banners are, as the name suggests, rolled up for storage. This means that the banner will not crack or bend if you store it over time and you won’t need to worry about creases. It also packs down into a small area, meaning you get the benefits of being able to keep it out of sight in the office.


  1. Versatile

Pull up banners are versatile so they can be used after the event, too, making them a good investment in your overall marketing collateral. You could use them after the show in your foyer or reception, or use them again at a different event.


  1. Economical

One of the main benefits of using a pop up banner over another form of advertising is the cost. Since you can use the banner numerous times it works out as highly economical to invest in a banner. Make sure that you don’t add dates or details that will date in a banner if you want to use it on different occasions.


  1. Stylish and Professional

A well-designed stand will give your business a professional image. You will attract attention and give people the opportunity to know more about your brand. Pull up banners provide instant visual interest that would otherwise be lacking. You can’t afford to miss out on pull up banner advertising.


Image courtesy of stockimages/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net




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