Body Rubs

Body rubs are erotic massages that may come (or not) with extras, e.g. a happy ending.

One can choose to have it in a hotel though oftentimes a masseur is more than willing masseuse to visit your home.

Body rubs, especially when done by a licensed professional masseuse bring numerous physical and emotional therapeutic benefits including increase circulation and improved sleep.

How is a typical Body Rub?

Typically, body rubs combines pressures, motions, tensions, plus vibrations. And can be performed either manually or using mechanical devices such as handheld body professional massagers.

Why Body Rubs?

A body rub improves one’s mood by helping you to relax and feel good mentally.

Its other benefits include reducing anxiety, and relieving job and related stress.

Body rubs also stimulate the release of the pain-relieving hormones, endorphins and the feel-good hormone serotonin which has also been associated with improving sexual desire and improved moods.

In addition, it can help heal your body by improving your sleep patterns.

This, not to mention that any massage sets off massive reactions across the entire body, delivering pleasure to each and every corner.

 Are Body Rubs for Good for All?

Everyone can benefit from a good rubs job—when a professional or someone (who know the art) put their hands gently on your aching and sore muscles and delivers a great massage, the feeling is pure bliss.

Indeed, body rubs have always been part and parcel of many physical therapy programs and rehabilitation sessions for years on end.

From athletes, to seniors, celebrities, young and old alike, experts says advanced massage practices such as body rubs can help improve everyone’s overall well-being.

Where Can I get a Body Rub?

Unlike in the past when there were only a few practitioners, you can easily get yourself an exciting body rub from the multiple spas, salons, and medical settings.

You can also request  to have the service right from your house as many of these send masseurs to client’s residents.

What to Expect

These types of massages are different than standard massages in that masseurs use their entire bodies to soothe and delight your pleasurable points instead of hands only.

For this reason, body rubs are sexy alternatives to the usual ‘hands on’ massage and lead to a more fulfilling experience in comparison.

Tools used in a Body Rub

In giving a professional body rub massage, a masseur will have some essentials among them;

  1. A flat surface (either bed or table)
  2. Soft sheet or towels
  3. Warm (slightly) massage oil
  4. Some candles

You can also lay down on the sheets or towels on any stable surface.

The candles help to put you in the mood while the rest of the items depend on your preferences and the providers’ own programs

Then, the best way to get the best from a session is to give your masseur full control.

Thus, always stay calm, take it easy, and enjoy the unending thrill…you’ll soon find yourself tempted to do it again and again.


Body rubs are a delightful way to unwind and relieve the pressure from our busy lives.

Not only does the body benefit health wise, there are lots of emotional benefits including better sleep.

It’s no wonder then that this type of massage has recently become so popular.



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