Career change in Banking into in your 30s

A mid life career change can come in for different reasons ranging from money to boredom. Whatever the reason might be the decision must be backed up with sufficient thought and a thorough analysis of the reality.

The strong growth enjoyed by the Asian Pacific economies has paved way for a number of productive jobs in the banking sector across the continent. Here are a few scenarios that might turn favourable in securing a banking job in your 30s.

Acquire a relevant degree

You maybe from a non –finance background with no relevant experience. But a degree that specialises in banking, such as an MBA with finance majors or a PhD based on banking research can help individuals kick start a career in the banking sector.

Expand your network          

One of the major factors that have helped individuals plunge into the banking sector in the past is the people base that they have already built. Individuals aspiring for a career need to expand their network through the banking sectors. While recruiters can only help you find another job within the same sector, contacts who can relate the relevance of your skill set and experience to the banking sector are a boon.

Technological skills

Advancement in IT infrastructure and automation has affected the banking sector vastly. A technical person with profound expertise in different areas of technology can lend his services to the banking sector. The emergence of IT as a key differentiator in the banking sector will allow experienced IT professionals to secure a banking job in the 30s.  Vince Natteri, recruitment director of Pinpoint Asia in Hong Kong says that many banks in Asia are open to hiring back –office development roles such as JAVA programmers from non –bank sectors.

Look for client side opportunities

Another classic example of individual cracking into the banking sector later in their career is by securing an opportunity with their client. You may be working on the technological side or maybe the tax consultant for a bigger bank. The positive relationship with the client bank and an outstanding performance can facilitate the shift easily.

Non-Banking Domain Expertise

Most people start their career at 20 plus and go on to work in a number of areas. If an individual chooses to work in different roles within the same domain or industry then by 30 plus they must have garnered a valuable industry experience. Some banks these days are more than willing to absorb people with a remarkable experience in industries such as healthcare, law, information technology and analytics. Duncan McKenzie, senior consultant from Astbury Marsden, Singapore recently expressed the openness of banks to hire from other service sectors such as global compliance and auditing.

A career change at 30 may feel complicated, risky and unwarranted. Irrespective of age, any career change requires confidence, credibility and competence. A decision taken with the right amount of clarity and excess courage can hardly go wrong.


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