Defensive Driving Courses for Your Company

You have a company full of employees who you value and respect. That’s why if anything bad were to ever happen, you would feel responsible for the circumstances.


Because you’re a caring person, of course!

Whether it’s driving over the speed limit under company time, traveling to NJ Six Flags for a company outing or if you’re trying to prevent an unnecessary road incident before it happens then consider encouraging your employees to take a defensive driving course.

Especially if you work in transportation.

Having a poor driving reputation can mean the world for most businesses. You don’t want a rotten driver to ruin your bunch of driving apples. That’s the expression, right?

Taking a defensive driving course will show everyone that you are willing to go the extra step in ensuring employee safety. But, nobody wants to take a boring defensive driving test. makes it easier for you and your employees because we offer comedy defensive driving courses.


Comedy Defensive Driving


It sounds strange. We know. Who would have ever expected the awesome combination of the two titan-like words that is comedy and driving. It exists, because going through traffic school is, unarguably, boring and perceived to be a waste of time.

We make traffic school fun.

A traffic school that knows how to make you laugh takes the pain out of monotonous motions of your average remedial driving education.

If you’re going to make your company take a defensive driving course, then tell them to take one from You’ll be the impressive employer who likes their employees to enjoy the time spent learning and being educated on the rules of the road.

But, most importantly, your employees will learn the skills and information on how to remain safe and secure while on the move. Such as learning how to predict and anticipate what drivers and other street users might do.

We fulfill all the requirements necessary for students to complete – just like any other traffic school out there.

So, if you’re on the fence about choosing a generic traffic school or one with real, fun people. Then choose the latter. Choose

You’ll be paired with real people who want to make the experience fun for everyone involved. Not someone who just wants to go home whenever they see you.

Comedy defensive driving courses are the perfect fit for anyone. Whether it’s for yourself, your company, estranged aunt, or whomever, comedy defensive driving courses makes the most out of your unfortunate Fortune 500 incidents.


Why Take a Comedy Driving Course?


There’s plenty of reasons to take a comedy driving course. To name a few, you become a more secure driver, you gain valuable skills to up your defensive game, and you can even get price deductions of ticket costs when you get caught speeding. The benefits can drive a person delirious.

But, in a good way.

So, if you were ever considering enrolling your company in a comedy driving course to shake things up, then consider

Soon your company will develop into an enclave of defensive driving warriors that are able to withstand anything that approaches them on the roads. The skills they develop in our program will train them to become the best car operators out there.

We take bad drivers and show them how easy it is to be great – through the power of comedy of course!

So, give your company the gift of being a safe drive. It’s the best thing a boss could do for their company.



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