How to Find the Perfect Commercial Vehicle

If you’re a business owner or sole trader with a van or two and your vehicles are really is past their ‘sell by date’, with the maintenance bills coming in thick and fast, may be it’s time you started to look for an upgrade. Although there are plenty of vehicles to choose from that might be perfectly suited for your business’s needs there’s always going to be one that stands above the rest, and the trick is knowing how to find it.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the best insight from across the web with respect to hunting down the perfect vehicle for your business.

1 – Consult Your Business Plan

First things first. Dig your business plan out – or make one if you haven’t already – and take a thorough look over your business’s financial forecasts and requirements for the coming year, three years and five years. What you don’t want to happen is for you to purchase a vehicle – or even several vehicles – and then to realise that they’re not going to precisely meet your needs. Similarly, you also don’t want to buy a vehicle that offers much more in terms of specification than you need, as you’ll be paying for something surplus to requirement.

2 – Could Outsourcing Be a Viable Alternative?

Before you go ahead and spend money on a new vehicle, you might want to consider whether now could be a good time to externalise some of your company’s processes, enabling you to outsource any commercial vehicle-related activity to partnering businesses that specialise in delivering the services you have been running yourself. Of course, outsourcing isn’t going to be the solution for every business, but at a time of austerity, it’s certainly something worth considering.

3 – Finding the Best Deal

Finally, on the point of making sensible financial decisions, if opt to continue to operate your own fleet it might make sense to buy good used vehicles. Second hand marketplaces generally offer a wide variety of vehicles which are assessed to ensure they have been thoroughly checked over and of course will cost much less than buying brand new. There are some very good used deals to be done which potentially could save your business a lot of money.

Ultimately, these points are only a starting point to helping you think through the process of finding the perfect commercial that will go on to serve your business well.


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