How to increase the number of fans or followers

If you already have a twitter page or if you are in that way, this article will share some strategies and tips to increase the number of fans or followers of your business page.

The next step after creating your Facebook/twitter page is to make it known and increase the number of fans or followers, there is spamming and send indiscriminately invitations for people fans are made, an important point is to consider that Facebook not so much the quantity but quality.

It is true that having 10,000 fans/follower on your social page is very motivating, however if those 10,000 fans nobody has bought us anything, use Facebook can be a waste of time.

Below is a list of strategies you can implement to increase the amount of fans to your fan page:

Offering an exclusive promotion for followers

To motivate people who visit your twitter page that fans are made, you should provide an incentive to change, something that is unique and special, you can do this by offering such a discount coupon just for people who are fans thus your fans, they may recommend this promotion to your friends and they will need to become fans to access this promotion, for it can make use of twitter applications on your page and customize a tab with this promotion restricting the display coupon only fans. Targeted followers are a great potential for your social promotion. Buying targeted follower give good result in quick promotion thatsĀ why buy followers is a good choice for your social promotion.

Publication of relevant content and incentive to share

As you increase the number of fans, the best way to keep growing your community and make your content go viral, is published periodically updates with relevant content and useful to your fans, from advice, videos, articles, etc. . Any information that you consider of value, thus your followers share your publications with your friends and you’ll be reaching new people, plus the factor social presence is important to create content that captivates fans.

Implement a box of fans on your website

If you already have a website not miss the opportunity to get fans by that means, once your visitors are browsing your website you can implement a box of Twitter so they can become fans at that time without having to go directly to the official Facebook/Twitter page, remember that a large percentage of people who visit your website, chances are at this time are not ready to buy and probably once closed your website will not remember you, but if you can make this visitor fan, in Facebook you can be tracked and back in his mind again.

Invite friends become fans of your page

Twitter can also help to increase your followers, for it offers a free option to send invitations and recommend your friends to become fans of your page, use this option with caution and only sends invitations to your friends who you think may be interested in what you are offering, find this option on the top right of your fan page.


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