How to Start a T-Shirt Business with Print-on-Demand or Dropshipping in 24 Hours

Can you start an online T-shirt business in 24 hours? Yes, you can. Some entrepreneurs have proven that it’s possible.

While the actual timeframe needed to start earning handsomely varies, we’ve done our research and found that 24 hours is more than sufficient to start an online store that genuinely works. If you’re selling T-shirts with print-on-demand or dropshipping, 24 hours is more than adequate to prepare the online store for launching.

Here are three amazing and insightful success stories that you can emulate:

First things first, to sell merchandise online, you’d need to have an e-commerce store. In 1 to 3 hours, you can start and develop a professionally-designed turn-key site with Shopify.

If you prefer to use WordPress, you can install an e-commerce app.

Next, you’d need to select the routes to run the T-shirt business: print on demand (POD) or dropshipping.

1. What is Print on Demand (POD)?

The most straightforward definition of POD is a business model in which the merchandise will only be printed after it has been ordered and paid by the customer, which eliminates the need to stock inventory in advance. This model is ideal for selling printed products, including T-shirts and other fashion items.

2. What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which the store owner only purchases a product after it has been paid for and ordered by the customer. This being said, the store owner just needs to promote the products with images on the storefront without physically carrying them in the warehouse. Thus, this model is ideal for an online store that wants to scale big and fast to carry hundreds or, even, thousands of items. It’s also suitable for store owners who want a hands-off approach in doing business.

3. Which Route is Better?

Depending on your preferences, either path is doable quite conveniently, as you only need a website to begin. Starting out with e-commerce platform Shopify allows you to try out for free for 14 days. If you use other e-commerce platforms, most likely you’d need to install it to your WordPress site and hire a professional developer.

4. Designing T-shirts

Designing images to be placed on the front (and back, if any) of the T-shirts needs to be done professionally and creatively, so they’re special and unique enough to compete with other sellers. You can design various logos, sayings, and images with online logo maker software and apps. Of course, if you have drawing or painting skills, combine them with digital image editing for excellent results.

5. T-shirt Mockups for Product Images

Once you have the images for the T-shirts available, you can start creating product photos with T-shirt templates or mockups. They’re basically blank T-shirt templates worn by models, on which you can attach the designs. The models are usually pretty professional, so they look good and pose well with neutral backgrounds.

6. Printing on Demand (POD)

If you decide to go the POD route, you can install Printful or Printify app to the Shopify store, which streamlines the whole process. If you sell on Amazon, the Merch program is another option.

7. Sourcing for Best-Selling T-Shirts

If you choose the dropshipping route, most likely you’d need to source products. For this, consult the current trends and best-selling products for ideas of highly-sellable products.

8. Locating Dropshipping Suppliers

Once you’ve found the products or product categories to sell, it’s time to source the merchandise from suppliers. While you can do it manually one by one from AliExpress, it’d be faster and more convenient to source the pre-vetted suppliers from Oberlo dropshipping app. It comes with a built-in feature where you can literally select products and dropshipping suppliers from the app’s dashboard.

At last, starting a T-shirt store in 24 hours is definitely doable, especially when you integrate POD and dropshipping apps in your store. As soon as your online store is open for business, you can start promoting it aggressively online via social media platforms, paid ads, and content marketing. Soon, you’ll be joining the rank of T-shirt sellers earning thousands of dollars per month.

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