How Volkswagen Is Investing in the Future

Google’s dream of a fully autonomous vehicle is getting closer by the day. Considering how much technology has become a part of our working lives, it’s no surprise to see these kinds of ideas enter the automotive industry. Here’s how Volkswagen is investing in the future.

A Better Driving Experience

The most interesting aspect of the technology industry is how fast it moves and reflects our modern lives. For instance, an increasing number of people in the world are moving to more urban environments. In an effort to reduce accidents in slow-moving traffic, Volkswagen has developed City Emergency Braking. Described as an “innovative collision avoiding technology,” the system automatically activates at speeds under 18mph, using a laser sensor. The brakes are then automatically primed to make them more sensitive. The system is even smart enough to take over. If collision is imminent and the driver is too slow to react then the system can automatically apply the brakes.

You can also see this kind of technology expanded into assisted parking and lane assisting technology. The system makes use of up to six ultrasonic sensors that are installed in the rear and front bumpers. Depending on the model of the vehicle, the sensors can monitor a range of up to 150 centimetres behind and in front. The system becomes active when you switch to reverse gear or are driving at a very low speed.

Improving Safety

Perhaps the most important benefit of smart cars is that they could help prevent future accidents. In the UK last year, there were 1,713 fatalities from road users, and many more injuries. These figures see a jump during adverse weather conditions and companies like Volkswagen are implementing new technologies to further improve our road safety. Auto rain sensors and electric door mirrors are now fitted on many Volkswagen vehicles, which are able to eliminate ice and condensation that can build up quickly. The latter are also electronically adjustable, making it easy and more convenient to make sure they are in the right position for you. It is smaller implementations like this that make easier for the driver to concentrate solely on the road – even more crucial in difficult weather. Volkswagen has also made the decision to now use Isofix fixtures in all of its cars. Isofix has become the international standard for ensuring your child’s safety seat is fitted properly.

Almost all of the leading car manufacturers are now investing in new technologies to make our journeys both easier and safer. Volkswagen has been using advanced technology in their vehicles for several years now which means you can take advantage of these features from used outlets like Exchange and Mart.


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