Language consultancy explained

Improved communication and transport links have opened up a plethora of opportunities for ambitious, outward-looking organisations across the globe. However, international commerce is not without its difficulties. For example, if your company is to take full advantage of cross-border trade, you’ll need to make sure that you are able to communicate successfully with all the relevant parties.

This is why language consultants provide such a valuable service. They can help firms to convey and understand crucial information, and they offer so much more than basic or automated translations. Professional consultancy services are on hand to give organisations all the language assistance they require, and they can help companies to avoid a host of potential pitfalls.

A full spectrum of translation services

It’s important to understand that not all translation services are created equal. There are various different options to choose from. For example, if you simply want documents to be translated quickly and cheaply for internal use, you can opt for budget services. The best language consultancy providers offer low cost translations that are ideal when 100 per cent accuracy is not important. These services are still performed by qualified specialists and they are not generated by computer programs, which can be prone to mistakes. However, to boost efficiency, they are not proofread.

Standard translations, meanwhile, are a step up from these services and are ideal if you’re looking to produce content for websites, brochures, catalogues and more. The best providers ensure they use highly qualified mother-tongue translators with the relevant industry knowledge, and all the work is proofread to eliminate mistakes.

For the most important documents, it’s worth paying a little extra for business critical translations. These are edited and proofread by a second and sometimes even a third industry expert, and they come with guarantees of complete accuracy. The services are perfect for high value contracts and other such legal documents, as well as for technical manuals where mistakes could result in loss of life.

A perfect understanding of your interpreting needs

When it comes to interpreting services, the best language consultants may understand your needs even better than you do. There is now a wide range of services on offer, and you may need assistance when choosing between them. For example, on-site interpreters can provide whispering, consecutive or simultaneous services. Meanwhile, virtual interpreters offer online chat, telephone and video services.

Your language consultant will be able to guide you through the options and help you decide on the most suitable approach.

A provider you can rely on

For the best results, it’s vital that you select the right consultancy service provider. Ideally, you should look for firms that have been awarded the British Standard EN 15038 for translation service quality. After all, any company can claim high standards, but not all can actually prove that they live up to them.

Also, your provider should be able to offer translations as and when you need them. Knowing that you can rely on a firm to provide top-notch language services at speed can be a huge comfort, especially when you’re operating under pressure.

In addition, it’s worth making sure that when you need to speak to your provider, you’ll be able to get through to a real person quickly and easily. Being left on hold or navigating your way through automated call systems can be infuriating, especially when you’re dealing with imminent deadlines.

Competitive pricing is crucial too, particularly if you use translation and interpreting services a lot. You can save a tidy sum by selecting a great value provider.


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