New technologies in the web design business

The web design business is very dynamic and cutting edge. It is regularly changing and so only companies able to keep up with the times prosper. Technologies and modes of operation that were the norm a few years back can quickly become obsolete, with new ones replacing them.

Here are some of the new technologies that have become a norm in the web design business. Grasp them quickly because in a few years they may be superseded.

Flat Design

The era of flash heavy and animated websites is gone. Clients now request simple, clean designs that make clever use of white space. This is important in these days where website visitor patience is very limited, as flat design websites often load faster than other types of design. You can read more about the benefits of flat design on the website.

Use of projection systems

Before now, website designers often had to rely on pre-packaged portfolios to showcase their abilities and all discussions and correspondence were done over the phone or email. Today, that has changed. The technology of projection systems and videoconferencing, as provided by businesses like Videonations, means meetings with potential clients can be scheduled without anyone having to leave their physical locations. The life-size image capability of these systems means virtual meetings are fast becoming the norm. The presentation systems also make it easy for web design companies to keep clients in the loop on a design. The sheer quality and interactivity capable through these systems today means less travel expense, keener design pricing, and more collaborative processes.

Responsive design

This is a new web design technology that has come to stay; so make sure you get a handle on this. The number of people surfing the web on smartphones and tablets has continued to soar. This means desktop friendly designs will no longer cut it for the average web surfer of today. This has led to the rise in popularity of responsive design technology. With this technology, businesses no longer have to design separate mobile websites, or risk losing mobile visitors, as the web page is rendered to match the device the individual is surfing on.

Large fonts

The resolution on screens these days has increased greatly from where it was a few years ago. Small fonts are possible these days, but fonts have actually got larger. Fonts are big and brash. Content is quickly scannable and easily read. Headings are often gigantic as web designers try to create something that has more impact on readers, and communicates the essence of a page as fast as possible.

Parallax scrolling

This technology is becoming more popular. It is an effect that makes the background of a website move at a slower rate than the foreground. This gives the users a 3D impression as they scroll down the web page. More designers are embracing it because it can add a nice subtle element of depth when used correctly.

These are some of the new technologies we have seen in the web design business.


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